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HINO Education Solution

One stop solution for video surveillance and live broadcasting

Solution Values

Superior image quality in any lighting condition
Highly reliable protection for schools 24/7 and 365 days
Versatile functions
Features include panoramic view, PTZ, alarm I/O, auto-tracking, audio, virtual intrusion detection, etc
Instant Alert
Alarm can be detected by alarm sensors, motion detection, intrusion detection, camera mask, audio exception, etc. Therefore, actions will be instantly triggered, such as siren speaker, notify officer, close gate, etc.
Guaranteed to secure schools at the highest level with limited budget
HINO Education Solution

12MP Fish-Eye camera with built-in Mic and speaker

12MP Resolution
360° panoramic & PTZ view
Built-in microphone & speaker
IR up to 50ft
Support on-board storage up to 128GB
IP66, IK10

The most outstanding feature is its powerful processer to de-warping video directly in camera, not rely on client software or NVR. It outputs max 5 de-warped streams at the same time. And you get de-warped video in normal NVR or mobile APP.

Application: Classroom, Labs

12MP Fish-eye camera


Multiple lens camera, 3 for panoramic view, plus one PTZ view

Output 4 views at 4 channels like a mini NVR; IR distance up to 66ft; On-board storage up to 128GB
Application: Cafeteria, libraries and sports facilities

Multiple lens camera

4MP WDR Mini PTZ, Outdoor

4MP (2560x1440) @ 30fps
4X Optical zoom (2.8-12mm)
Support H.265, H.265+, H.264+, H.264
Pan/Tilt control
120dB TrueWDR
IR range: up to 50ft
Onboard storage up to 128GB
IP66 outdoor
4 Behavior analyses, and face detection
Audio I/O

Application: Entrance, Exit, Hallway


A full choices of cameras for all indoor & outdoor areas

Full Choice of Cameras

LiveCaster 1
Outdoor broadcasting PTZ with built-in battery and WiFi access

HD1080P @ 60fps
20X optical zoom
Streaming directly to YouTube, Wowza, Facebook Live, and other video platforms
IP66 water-proof design
On-board storage
2.4GHz/4GHz WiFi Access
Built-in battery, max 8 hours recording
Designed for sports event broadcasting

Outdoor broadcasting PTZ

Robotic Auto-Tracking Camera - LiveTracker 2

Unique pro-quality versatile all-in-one auto-tracking camera, designed for lecture and conference broadcasting

HD Video Streaming|Optional Auto-tracking|On-board storage

Live Broadcasting Camera

LecturerTracker 2

Innovative dual-lens view, one panoramic view, one 20X zoom PTZ view
Advanced motion tracking and face recognition, will lock teacher
HD1080P resolution, 20x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom
Automatically adaptive to Lecturer’s height during tracking process
Flexible output, Network/HD-SDI output

Application: Lecturer recording in Auditorium, Classroom

Lecturer Tracker PTZ