Get Live HD Video from Deep Under-waters

When users try to get live HD video from deep under-waters, for example, dam, water reservoir area, aquaculture farms, they are facing many challenges.

• Under-water illumination
• Muddy water with strong reflection
• Convenient testing
• Solar power
• Wireless transmission
• Recordings
• Collect water quality data, including dissolved oxygen level, Co2, etc.


No worries. Linovision will help you build this qualified and affordable system. Under-water Camera with White Illumination· 6W Strong white LEDs
· 10 levels brightness adjustment
· Separated design to reduce water reflection
Handheld Terminal· 4 inch IPS touch screen
· Provide DC12V or PoE power to underwater camera
· Display live HD video from under-waters
· Support most of camera’s configurations
 solar panel Solar Power System· Full integrated solar power system
· Built-in MPPT solar charge controller
· Built-in 40AH industrial lithium battery
Wireless Solar Station· Built-in solar charge controller
· Built-in 4G LTE/Wi-Fi module
· 50AH high capacity lithium battery
· Active deterrence siren with custom sound
wireless solar station Wireless Submersible Water Level Sensor• Measuring range up to 200 m (660ft)
• IP68 full sealed plastic waterproof design
• LoRaWAN® Wireless transmission
• Up to 10 Years Battery Life
Popular Bundles 
 IPC422UW-10Pro Pro Package (IPC422UW-10PRO) Includes one IPC422UW-10 camera, handheld terminal with 4inch touch screen, 10 meters (33ft) special underwater cable and 30W POE injector. This handheld terminal is used to configure camera and display video locally. Its built-in battery can also supply POE power to camera temporarily.
Ultra Package (IPC422UW-10ULTRA) Includes one IPC422UW-10 camera, 4ch 4K PoE NVR, handheld terminal, 10 meters (33ft) special underwater cable and 30W POE injector. The NVR can connect up to 4 underwater cameras and display & record video on HDMI monitor or TV screen. This NVR is also compliant to Hikvision/ONVIF security cameras. IPC422UW-10Ultra

Post time: Jan-24-2021