Smart Farms Solution

Pain Points

Time-and-volume-based farming strategy result in resource excess or insufficiency
Great manpower requirement
Wire monitoring system has difficulties
in installation and troubleshooting
Deep concern about device
compatibility and scalability

Wireless IOT Cameras + Sensors Kit

It was a great challenge to realtime collect ambient temperature & humidity and soil moisture data from farms or greenhouses, and get instant alert on water damage. Linovision provides a much easier and affordable solution, moreover, users can get live HD video and manage this smart farm anytime anywhere. This wireless IOT camera + sensors kit includes several wireless sensors, IOT cameras (HD IP camera with I/O control) and unique IOT Box. This IOT box can output live data and video to local HDMI screen, it can also upload data to cloud, so the users can realtime monitor all these data remotely. It is also possible to schedule some automation plans to improve efficiency.


Smart Farms Solution Topology

Ursalink Cloud

Nayota IOT Cloud

  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Auto Control


Manpower Reduction &
Labor Effectiveness Raising

Reduction of Resources Waste

Production Enhancement

Lowered Operation Costs

Profit Increase