Linovision LPR / ANPR Camera System


LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras or ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras are widely used in entrance/exits, parking lots and road traffic to automatically capture & recognize license plates.

Linovision provides a complete and easy to use LPR camera system, including multiple options of LPR/ANPR cameras, LPR box (gateway to LPP Cloud with centralized plate number management), as well as UPS & Solar power system for installationswithout power and Internet.



Types of LPR Cameras


According to the functionalities, LPR cameras can be divided into 3 types.

License plate camera: it is the entry-level LPR camera that improves vehicle image quality and help users to manually view license plates in recorded videos. The lens and camera sensor are optimized to generate a very clear vehicle image including the license plate, it can also improve light conditions by equipping with white LEDs. But it does not support automatically license plate capture or recognition. It relies on NVR or VMS software to provide license plate recognition.
License plate capture camera: It will automatically capture license plates and save images locally or upload to cloud, but it does not support license plate recognition, so it will not record license plate numbers in the system. Users can be notified with clear vehicle images and read license plates manually. It does not support video search by license plate numbers.
License plate recognition camera: this is the most advanced LPR camera. It will not only capture license plate but also recognize the plate numbers and record into the system. It can be working indepedently, since the recognition software is built-in the camera. Users can define whitelist or blacklist database and set triggers when unauthorized vehicles are coming.

Selection Guide of LPR Cameras



2 Megapixels LPR license plate camera with 6-22mm motorized Lens, optimized for vehicle license plate recognition by extra 4 white LEDs & 120dB WDR & 3D DNR & HLC, IK10 vandal-proof and IP67 water-proof design

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4MP 2.7-13.5mm motorized bullet type vandal-proof camera that can accurately detect vehicle and automatically take a picture with clear license plate image

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The 2021 latest ALPR (Automated License Plate Recognition) Camera with vehicle attributes analysis is one of the most advanced ANPR cameras in the market. It supports both AI deep learning and OCR based recognition, with up to 98% recognition accuracy. It has different LPR databases/firmware for the United States, Europe and Middle East.

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Features of Linovision ANPR Cameras


Powered by Deep Learning Algorithm  |  High Recognition Rate  |  Already Deployed in 50+ Countries  |  Works in all light conditions



License Plate Recognition Camera
High Accuracy License Plate Recognition Based on
Deep Learning Technology | Includes Wall-mount and
Protection Housing

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IPC7V300-A6I (11-40mm)

3 MP IR ANPR Checkpoint Capture Unit
Based on deep learning algorithm architecture
Capture speed range: 5 to 250 km/h (5 to 155 m/h)

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Nayota LPR Box is an essential gateway for LPR cameras to upload license plates to Nayota LPR cloud, which is a centralized license plates management portal. Each LPR box can work with up to 16 license plate cameras.

Features of Nayota LPR Cloud
● Centralized management of license plates from many LPR cameras and many sites
● WEB access
● Deployed on Amazon AWS server in the United States.
● Multiple LPR cameras/Nayota-LPR box/Organizations/Users Management.
● Setup and and manage Whitelist/blacklist and apply to LPR cameras.
● Intuitive GUI interface, custom report.
● Optional IOT sensors management from ModBus, Lora ,LoraWan, NB-IOT, etc.

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UPS System

As many installations do not have stable power supply or wired internet, Linovision also provides 4G wireless UPS power system and 4G Solar power system.


4G Wireless UPS Power system
Industrial 4G router | High Capacity Lithium Battery | 110-240V AC Input

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4G Wireless Solar Power system
Industrial 4G router | High Capacity Lithium Battery | Solar Power Controller | Easy Installation

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