Outstanding Features

Device Integration

  • Access and manage a large variety of IoT sensors, RS485 to network converters and Http device, such as network cameras and web service.
  • Custom integration protocols (extra fee maybe applied)


Data Management

  • Custom alerts based on IoT data and camera video (for example, email an camera snapshot when the temperature is over 100 ℉)
  • Device group management
  • Flexible data calculation based on raw data and formulas.
  • Define actions on customized events


Data Visualization

  • Visualize IoT data by charts and tables
  • Custom screen display for IoT data and camera videos


System Features

  • WEB access with intuitive GUI
  • Working independently even without internet access.
  • Optional cloud access for centralized management from different sites
  • Support remote VPN access, much easier for remote configuration

Key Specifications

  • Support max. 999 IoT sensors and Http devices (extra license fee will be applied to manage more than 32 devices)
  • Front LED panel to display connection status, IP address, MAC address, hardware temperature, etc.
  • 5-28V DC wide range of power input
  • Industrial design with heat sink
  • One RJ45 Ethernet port
  • Optional wireless transmission (4G LTE cellular, Wi-Fi, Lora, NB-IOT, etc.)

List of Devices Can be Integrated


Main Values

  • One-Stop comprehensive management of a large variety of IoT sensors, RS485 devices and network cameras.
  • Combination of camera video and IoT data, visualize sites remotely.
  • Custom integration, Custom report, specifically meet your needs.
  • Remote configuration and debug, the least requirements for on-site operations.

WEB Screens


Display alerts and LPR cameras on GIS map.
Click camera to view license plates.
Automatically show new alerts on map.

Add/delete LPR cameras
Define sites
User management


Custom report by time, site or cameras.

Add/delete LPR cameras
Define sites
User management



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