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Expert of wireless video + IoT solutions

Founded in 2007, Linovision prides ourselves in designing and manufacturing wireless video + IoT products. With expertise in AI network cameras, IoT cloud management portal, wireless transmission technologies, solar power systems, our fully integrated solutions are the most competitive and flexible solutions in the market. We also offer 24hr technical support and system consulting service from our teams in China and USA. Let’s join together to empower your business now!


  • Capture and recognize license plates and  upload to Cloud
    LPR Cameras

    Capture and recognize license plates and upload to Cloud

    LPR (License Plate Recognition) cameras or ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras are widely used in entrance/exits, parking lots and road traffic to capture & recognize license plates.
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  • Get live HD video from deep underwaters
    Underwater Cameras

    Get live HD video from deep underwaters

    Linovision underwater camera solution is specially designed for aquaculture farms, featuring 316L stainless material, unique anti-corrosion coating and 10-levels adjustable light control. The design of while LEDs and advanced image processing technologies ensure a high definition video even in the muddy underwater environment.
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  • POE IP Over Coax Solution
    PoE IP Over Coax

    POE IP Over Coax Solution

    EOC (Ethernet over Coax), also known as IP Over Coax, is used to transmit Video & Audio & Data over existing coaxial cables (RG59 or RG6).
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